So who switched to what, and why?

Started Nov 12, 2010 | Discussions thread
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So who switched to what, and why?

Quite a few threads here over the past few weeks have made me think about this topic.

Over the years, many of the 'regulars' have either switched to other systems, or supplemented their Oly gear with alternatives from other manufacturers. Even with the recent release of the E5 (which does indeed look as if its going to be an excellent camera), many are still deciding to make the move.

So what did they/you switch to? Why choose that option out of all the others? what were the primary shooting requirements? What specifically was it that swayed the choice?
Did all the bird shooters choose Canon Crop cameras for cheap long reach?
Did all the wedding photographers go Nikon FF for low noise?
Did all the landscape photographers go Sony A900/850 ?
Did all the fashion/stock photographers buy a MF back?
Did all the investment bankers buy Leica?
etc etc.

And if you did switch/supplement and are reading this, what has been your experience to date?

Or course, many will have gone, and won't be here to read it. I thought it would be fun for the rest of us old timers who are here (and have been for a while!) to reminisce and try and remember what has happened in the past and to whom. If the thread remains civil, I'm sure there could be a whole bunch of trend data and interesting information for those still sitting on the fence.

Ironically for me, in the last two weeks, I've gone and bought two new fourthirds bodies and two new fourthirds lenses! maybe I'm switching back

So lets go for it. Jog those memory cells, and lets name and shame

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