Any solutions to D700's Loud Shutter

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D7000 is much quieter

Just add one zero and you'll have much quieter camera. I just had D700 and D7000 with me at a concert and eneded up using the D7000 more because of the acustic noise benefit.

rodneyb wrote:

D700, why must you be so loud?

I'm shooting a music festival in Durham, NC, last weekend (called Troika). Most of the venues were large and loud, but one was tiny and intimate. One of the artists, Django Haskins, was performing a rare solo set there away from his band, The Old Ceremony. The PA was having issues, so he unplugged and stood on a chair at the front of the stage and had the audience come stand around. He is a singer/songwriter sort of guy, and you could hear a pin-drop in this place at times.

I felt so embarrassed every time I'd click the shutter. It was so distracting. I finally just put the camera down and didn't take any more.

Does anyone know why this shutter is so much louder than any other camera I've used? Anything I can do about it? I'm seriously wondering how much quieter a D7000 would be. I hate to spend money on another body right now, but I hate to miss a shot, too.

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