Need to look into a new processor & motherboard

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Re: Need to look into a new processor & motherboard

sensingsys wrote:

Presently running an AMD Athlon 64 FX-55. It was a bit slow when using Photoshop on my previous 10Mp images, is decidedly slow on my present 14Mp images, and I am now considering changing to a 16Mp camera (Pentax K10 > K7 > K5).

My present PC although 10 years old is in a good low noise cabinet with low noise fans etc, and there is nothing wrong with it but its processing speed, and I am used to working with the insides of PCs.

What processors are presently very good value for money? I do not need the current state-of-the-art processor, I am more interested in high end yesterday's technology that is no longer being made but still for sale new.

Also, which web sites and/or forums are worth looking at to learn more about processors & motherboards for DIY computer building, I have zero interest at all in Dell, HP or any other normal ready to use PCs.

Just built a new system with the AMD Phenom II x6 with ASUS mobo, together they were approx. $400. Very fast. LR3 and CS5 are smokin'.

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