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Re: repost- P&S and DSLR upgrading advise (Canon & Panasonic)

sjgcit wrote:

I love to take pictures but don't necessarily have a lot of skill

Fix this.

Get something like "Understanding Exposure" by Bryan Peterson and read it a couple of dozen times.

That is the one book I have and have read it a few times, thank you I will read and read again.

Practice, practice, practice. Nothing else makes it sink in like deliberate practice of a technique.

I know I try its frustrating and may be time to look into a local class, or workshop of some sort to get over the learning 'hump'

I currently have a

Canon Powershot SD1000
Canon EOS-300D

Kit lens (somewhere in the closet)
Tamron IF 28-300mm f/3.5-6.5
Canon EF 50mm f/1.8

You have plenty of stuff. I think you're not getting as much from them as you could. Part of that is probably lack of technique.


Two suggestion for your compact :

  • consider a Joby Gorillapod. They're lightweight flexible (small) tripod-like things and they let do a bit more with your camera.

  • your SD1000 can use CHDK. It's a way of extending the functionality of your compact in a variety of way, including the ability to run scripts for multiple exposures, intervalometers, raw.

Thanks I will have to research as I have never heard of this

indoor shots I usually end up deleting 95% bc they are so disappointing

All compacts are lousy for indoors.

Unless you get a large sensor "compact" like a GF-1 or E-PL1 or NEX or NX10 that's going to be the same, but you already have a DSLR and a 50 f1.8 so no real point in going that route.

The large sensor look nice but then as you said I feel well at that point I have the Rebel and might as well just us that - which is what brought me to the thought of the LX5

Part of this ( again ) could be technique. A combination of fill flash and using a tripod ( or gorillapod ) and a timed exposure ( to minimize vibrations ) might help, for example. Raw, even on a compact, can help ( CHDK ) because you can bypass the sometimes destructive noise reduction applied by the camera - sometimes grainy shots are better than no shots.

Also thinking of upgrading my Rebel maybe to the T1i or T2i, I don't need a more advanced body since I still have to practice to work more in manual but I thought maybe Id like some features or specs and its was time.

Manual may not be needed, but at least Aperture and Shutter priority and controlling focus and exposure compensation.

Look at a used Canon 400D or 500D,

thanks,perhaps.maybe after the holidays when folks get then for gifts and cant return and try to sell...

Or do I just get a new lens and wait longer until I can use the manual features more expect I dont need a $$$$ lens but something decent like less than $500 do they exist?

This really depends on what length you shoot with most. You would need to give that some thought before getting a lens. Look for used lenses from pro shops ( usually they have them from trade in deals ).

In regards to P&S I was thinking Panasonic ZS7 (or ZS6) - I feel set on getting a lumix for the lens and the wide angle and have read many good things.

The Panasonics do rate well on compact superzooms tests if you want to go that route.

BUt maybe that model isn't right for me, perhaps a LX even though the higher price tag will fir more what I need it to do more of which is perform better in low light.

I think of these as overpriced myself - all the "quality" compacts - but them we all have different needs. For the price of some of these you could get a much better E-P1 or similar with a fast prime ( and look for those used as well ! ).

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