Choosing another portrait lens

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Re: Choosing another portrait lens

The 50mm focal length is obviously wider than the 85 on a crop. It is a very good focal length for portraits, but not so good for a group shot as the 35mm focal length.

The 50 on a crop gives you a field of view that is very close to that of the 85mm lens on film or full-frame. I compared them, and couldn't tell the difference. I know that 1.6X50=80, but I did a comparison with my old 85mm MD Minolta lens on a film body and compared it with the 50f2.8 Sigma - the field of view was the same. I was less pleased with the smaller and dimmer view on the crop body, but that is another story.
Take another look at the Fliker photos for the 35f2 before you decide.
I have gotten very nice photos with my copy of the 35f2.

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