Any solutions to D700's Loud Shutter

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Re: Is the D3 quieter than the D700?


I meant how noisy the D700 shutter is.

Been watching this forum since the D1x days, and don't recall many, if any, loud shutter complaints about the D1x through the D3. They started up once every couple of weeks with the D700.

Maybe it is because more event/concert photographers are using the D700 opposed to the others? I don't know. I quite like the clack of my D3, and don't find it terribly noisy. Then again, I don't shoot concerts.

Azra wrote:

But I read a lot about how noisy the D700 is.

I bet it's from people who dont have one or use one....... I shoot loads of live photography and its the usual 'no flash' BS... I have had enough images published at half page sizes in magazines shot at iso 4000 and above to confidently say, noise is not an issue with the d700.

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