I really want to like my 60d

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I really want to like my 60d

I had gone so far as to order a T2i (550d) to finally replace my XT, but canceled the order when the 60d was announced. It sounded like exactly what I wanted--a Canon version of the D90 (pentaprism, more serious photographer interface, still relatively small and lightweight).

I don't care about magnesium, or SD cards, or 5.3 fps, or MA (okay maybe a little about MA). Certainly don't care about the dial lock.

But now that it's here, why am I not filled with joy? It's because annoying questions keep popping into my head as I use my new toy.

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Why doesn't it have direct access to WB (when my old Rebel DID)?

--Why on earth did they remove the WB and file-size indicators from the top LCD (my Rebel had both of these on the "always-on" rear LCD--although it was missing ISO--which sucked, of course)? I guess I'm just supposed to remember that I set a custom WB last week and fix it before it ruins today's birthday JPEG shots. Or I can stick to RAW (and 25 meg file size) for all time.

--Why did Canon intentionally cheapen the feel and design of the rear panel buttons (nicer on my cheapie Rebel)?

--Why does the much less expensive Powershot G12 have two "C" settings and my more costly 60D have only one? (which makes the "C" concept almost useless IMO) (and while I'm at it, why can't I change the base Av/Tv/M setting of "C" without starting from scratch with all my settings?)

And more nitpicky, but it speaks to sloppy design...

--Why aren't the function of the top and rear control wheels and D-pad consistent across menus?

--Why can't I just hold down a D-pad button to navigate across the Q-menu? (rather than repeatedly pushing the squishy, non-tactile pad)

Sorry to whine, but the DPR contention that the 60d is a slam-dunk upgrade for a Rebel user is misguided. So, what to do? Return my mail-ordered 60d and buy 550d? Move up to the 7d? (I'm sure I'd love the 7d design, but not its weight, and certainly not the knowledge that a Mk II is due soon). Well, crap!

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