Upgrade Panasonic FZ-35 to a FZ100 or not?

Started Nov 12, 2010 | Discussions thread
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Upgrade Panasonic FZ-35 to a FZ100 or not?

I have a panasonic FZ35, and I can get good resale value for it.
Slight monetary input (

So my question, is should I sell my 6 month old FZ-35 and get a brand new FZ100?
I pixel peeped on the samples.

ISO100 vs ISO100 did not show any nasty surprises.

Shadows are noisy(I expect that), but then FZ35 shadows at ISO 100 are also slightly noisy.

I am a RAW shooter, and a FZ100 will have bigger RAW files I think.

So what do you guys think, esp those who have had both.
My areas of interest

1. FZ-35 has full manual control in video - In manual focus I can set shutter speed to 1/8! I think FZ100 also provides such control, right?

2. Filters - I can put 46mm filters directly on the FZ-35, I suppose I can put 52mm filters directly on the FZ-100? Is there any vignetting at 25mm with filters which are not "slim".

3. Stabilization - I am happy with the FZ35 stabilization, is it as good on the FZ100? or even better?

4. Video quality? - I will be shooting 720p mostly because my HDTV is 720p. No point shooting 1080p, right? So how is the videp. Any CMOS style JELLO effects or surprises?
5. Any other caveates and specific image quality issues?
6. Did somebody review it in depth? If so, please provide link or something?

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