Any solutions to D700's Loud Shutter

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Re: Any solutions to D700's Loud Shutter

About the D50 option (my DX camera):

1) noise performance is quite good up to iso 1600 (especially with latest ACR converter). Very impressive for CCD of its time (never bothered/knew about this on the D50 when I was shooting Canon, just felt Nikon's before the D300, D3 intro had poor high-iso performance--but hey its the other way around now!).

2) does have AF-D screw-driver motor, however the motor is WEAK and nothing like the D700 (which to me drives like D3): what this means is your 50mm 1.4D is actually noisy when the D50's weak motor winds it/slews AF to focus (which is not bad but I think the noise is your problem, isn't it?). The weak AF-D screw-driver motor inside the D50 is about 4x louder than the whisper-quite D700's beefy motor when driving the lights of the 50mm 1.4D and the 85mm 1.4D. Be advised!

3) the D50 does NOT have TTL-FP (fill flash up to 1/4000 shutter speed option), so you won't be able to whip out that nice creamy bokeh outdoors at f1.4 on those delicious primes with fill flash (when in need of fill flash) on a sunny day.

4) viewfinder sucks! It looks like a tunnel.


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