New Nikon Coolpix S8100

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The Canon S95

The Canon S95 is in a different league than this camera here, the Nikon s8100. The Canon s95 is a photographer's P&S, the camera here more a P&S for most anyone. I am seriously considering this camera for my son, if I were purchasing a camera P&S (I'm strictly a DSLR type) I'd get the Canon.

For me, though I own 9 lens from 18mm to 400mm, the bulk of my photography is taken with my Canon 28 - 135mm lens. Having a "fast" camera in terms of low light is important to me, having a long zoom, not so much. Having a camera that can go to 24mm is more important than a camera that can go to 400mm. For my son, he wouldn't know the difference between a 24mm lens and a 28mm lens.

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An excellent lens lasts a lifetime, an excellent DSLR, not so long.

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