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Re: What about the D7000?

Dan wrote:

Tony Beach wrote:

Wouldn't it have made more sense to come out with a D400 before the D7000?


But isn't that the way they've always done it?

Nikon has always said they put the most suitable sensor in each camera. Given the timing of the D7000, the sensors available to put in it, and where the competition is, it made perfect sense for Nikon to use that sensor in that camera.

They introduced the D300, then they used its sensor in the D90, and everyone with a D90 could say that it performed like a D300.

Cameras are not just about sensors. The D300 came out concurrent with the D3. Nikon will not come out with a new state of the art AF system in a "D400" before they have introduced one just as good in their flagship models.

perhaps Nikon will throw in something brand new [insert a big deal feature here: I'm still thinking maybe built-in grip

That would not be good. I really hope they don't make the camera bigger. If I want a camera with a grip, I'd buy the D3.

You won't buy a D3 if you want a DX camera in a bigger body though, you can only buy a D2x or a D3x and use it in DX mode, and that's the point of making a "D400" a bigger bodied camera. Likewise, if you want a smaller camera that has most of the same features that were previously only available in the D200 and above cameras, you can now get that with a D7000 -- so in that sense Nikon would have most of the bases covered.

No, I think there's a reason Nikon updated the D300 to a D300s and upgraded the D3 to a D3s this last year, they wanted to hold their ground (even if only mostly in a symbolic way with the D300s) with those two models until they were ready for the full "D4/D400" upgrade.

The D3s got a huge improvement in high ISO performance. The D300s didn't get any improvement. They also introduced the D3x.

One thing that didn't change in any of them was any substantive improvements to the AF system. Again, that's my point.

The D7000 does nothing to rain on that party, other than possibly drizzle a little on the sensor if Nikon uses the same one in the "D400," which is why I'm also thinking that the "D400" actually won't use the same sensor as the D7000.

They can do amazing things with software.

Within reason, but we can simply take the RAW files then and put them through a new RAW converter to get better results too.

Isn't that what they improved on the D3s?

No, they improved the sensor and increased the buffer size.

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