I want too many cameras upgraded

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I want too many cameras upgraded

Hello All,

I love to take pictures but don't necessarily have a lot of skill, art background so composing shots I feel confident with its manual modes that I have trouble with I read and try but every time I try again I forget what I read

About 1/2 of my photographing is taking picture of my 2 Bengals (cats), mostly indoors. The other half is mostly family events at restaurants, in peoples homes, hockey games, and I like to photograph things I bake - cookies etc. I would say 75-80% is indoors and only 25% outdoor pictures. Also should be going on a honeymoon in June so I should probably take some pictures

I currently have a

Canon Powershot SD1000
Canon EOS-300D

Kit lens (somewhere in the closet)
Tamron IF 28-300mm f/3.5-6.5
Canon EF 50mm f/1.8

I was thinking of getting a new P&S to replace the SD1000. I am like to carry with me where ever I go and for the indoor shots I usually end up deleting 95% bc they are so disappointing. Its great for oh Ill just take a picture of that funny sign, or that item I want to show someone. I do use it alot though to video the cats and for making clips in iMovie and posting on youtube its not too bad.

Also thinking of upgrading my Rebel maybe to the T1i or T2i, I don't need a more advanced body since I still have to practice to work more in manual but I thought maybe Id like some features or specs and its was time.

Or do I just get a new lens and wait longer until I can use the manual features more expect I dont need a $$$$ lens but something decent like less than $500 do they exist?

In regards to P&S I was thinking Panasonic ZS7 (or ZS6) - I feel set on getting a lumix for the lens and the wide angle and have read many good things.

BUt maybe that model isn't right for me, perhaps a LX even though the higher price tag will fir more what I need it to do more of which is perform better in low light.

I hope that wasn't too much information, I feel a little all over the place and want everything but that isn't possible, cant get a new lens and a P&S and a DSLR body, but maybe a new body and P&S or P&S and DSLR (have birthday and holidays around the corner so family has been harassing me and I said cash LOL)


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