Concert Photography lens kit advice

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Re: Concert Photography lens kit advice Forget Advice

I agree 100 percent.

Guy Moscoso.

bob clearlight wrote:

Guy, I will consider changing my tag line to "great equipment by itself does not make a great photograph".

In DP threads I just see way too much emphasis on having lots of expensive gear. Any one of us would benefit by just using 1 lens, and putting our energies towards crawling in the dirt on our belly if thats what it takes to put the camera where it needs to be.

Granted a Browine may not fare well under concert lighting, but does one really NEED the Nikkor holy trinity of zooms to get a great shot? Nikon might like you to think so, any many in these threads seem to think so, but I think not. That is the point I wish to make.

How do I intend for this to help the OP? By encouraging him to find his own path in achieving desired results, and doing the dance with the mother of invention.

I suppose each of us shares what works for us, and what I shared is what works for me.
A Kodak Brownie can produce a great image in the right hands.

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