About this 60D isn't a semi-pro cam BS...

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Re: Why try to prove that a Camera is the "pro"?

I also agree with your take on things Steve, though I don't really give a hoot what other people (or Canon for that matter) do in terms of labeling a camera "Pro", "Semi-Pro" or whatever. I too have earned more than twice what I paid for the camera in the last 6 weeks and expect a long stream of income to continue... So call it what you like!

I have to say I like the ergonomics of the 60D so much , my 5DII feels downright clunkly now. The 5DII still has the edge in terms of IQ, but for most of my work, clients won't notice the difference.

And I also agree a FF sensor in the 60D body (plastic and all) would be killer! I'd probably buy one on day 1 of it's availability.

Anyway, gotta run to the bank to deposit another 60D check
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