Any users of older Ricoh digicams?

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Re: Oh, and the full press focus!!!

Aub08 wrote:

Did you receive your other Ricoh? They look like quite a collectors item.

Yes I received it. But it is not working due a bad firmware flash by me. First time ever a firmware upgrade went to hell for me. But that may have been down to that 64mb unsmart media card. For some reason it won't work with 64M SM cards

At the moment I only had the three 64mb cards and I'm still waiting for the Oly D-360L to arrive which I believe comes with a 8Mb card.

I decided to go ahead and try flash the firmware anyway, thinking that it wouldn't wreck the software but it did so anyway.

Followed the instructions and plugged the camera to a existing ac adapter (tried with only fully charged battery first but the camera refused to accept that to update) which I already had and it worked fine. However the loading of the firmware took more than 4min which only the Minolta Dimage EX zoom got close to during its firmware update. After 5min I lost patience and pulled out the cord believing that it still was in the very first stage of copying from the memory card what since would be written to the camera. And that was it. The camera is now useless and displays E-01 in the small status display.

I guess that the cost to get it fixed would be too high at the same time as I wasn't that happy with the shutter-lag and lack of snapmode. Well well, Bought it to get these unsmart media cards in the first place which I'm going to need. So the damage after all is not that bad. I used it only for a short while but can say that I like the 400G and 500SE more, especially the operation which is dumbed down a bit on hte rdc-7 iwhtout Adj-button.

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