About this 60D isn't a semi-pro cam BS...

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Re: Why try to prove that a Camera is the "pro"?

Urkel wrote:

Osiris30 wrote:

Agreed 100000%. Problem is there are some folks here that feel a spec sheet determines your IQ and not your skill.

If you truly believe that the skill is from the photographer then why are you trying to prove that the Camera is the one being unfairly judged? Unless these people here are your clients, who cares what they think about what category your camera falls into.

Because I enjoy reading these forums and right now they are full of nonsense... so I want these people who insist on spouting crap to come here and justify their claims.. 'put up or shut up' if you will. I don't care where the camera is classified, but the attitude that some are displaying is down right nasty and I've had enough. If they are entitled to whine endlessly (as I'm implying from your post) then I'm equally entitled to challenge said whining, no?

Either way Urkel, you aren't the person (or type thereof) that the OP was aimed at



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