About this 60D isn't a semi-pro cam BS...

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Re: Why get offended? These classifications aren't meant for you...

Firstly I'm not offended, but fed up and this is why:


and we just had another thread posted wanting to move cameras around forums. I would love to focus on what people are shooting and how they shoot it. I get that DPR is a gear forum, but seriously.. Of the most recent 25 posts on this forum, 2 have any semi-photography related image content. One contains comparison image swaths.

Based on an admittedly limited sample size there are currently the same number of threads whining about where to put the 60D in the forum structure as there are threads about people using the gear.

FWIW: I understand what you're saying, but I want to challenge the haters to put their money where their mouth is. Thus far they have proved my point quite well by their absence.



Urkel wrote:

If someone makes money with an iPhone photo then is that now considered a "Pro" camera?

I'm really not sure why you are so offended by classifications of an object, but the fact that you make money with photography says that YOU are the pro, not the camera. These "Pro". "Semi-Pro" and "Consumer" classifications aren't meant for photographers who know what they're doing. They're meant for the larger side of the market that has no idea what to buy.

Osiris30 wrote:

I happen to be making good money with mine.. so if it's not a semi-pro capable cam I'm not sure what it is. Mine has paid for itself already. People need to really get over this concept of pro/semi-pro/enthusiast/amateur camera stuff.

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