Is a ZS7 right for me?

Started Nov 11, 2010 | Discussions thread
OP mackitten Regular Member • Posts: 165
Re: Is a ZS7 right for me?

Thanks everyone for your experience and advise.

I will def consider the ZS6 from Costco although I have a birthday soon and wonder if the ZS7 may have been purchased, I guess Ill find out.

Not a Cosco member though - can you buy online without a membership anyone know offhand?

Yeah certainly think that a LX would be great but for the price difference and considering replacing my DSLR Rebel from 5 years ago to the current T2i - how many cameras do I need to take pictures of the cats (they are damn cute though LOL)

Thoughts on not getting the ZS7 - sticking with my current pocket camera junk and waiting a bit and getting a LX - I have not read much about then in regards to being a camera you would take around - toss (gently) in your pocketbook and go?


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