60D review: D7000 will be gold award

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Re: 60D review: D7000 will be gold award

SOB1 wrote:

so what, who cares what they say.

Apparently, getting professional purchasing advice is one of the primary reasons for this forum, so in answer to your question, lots of people do.

stop childish fanboy writing like this you type of Nikon users demean the image of all Nikon users.

I'm a Nikon user and do not feel 'demeaned'. Get the stick out and move on.

if you use many mount cameras , who cares if Nikon wins now or Canon will beat it back in next year.

Because some only have the money to buy one camera this year, not next year. They want to ensure that they are getting the best value for their money..as any buyer does.

and who cares what DPR or DXO says I already know myself it is a good camera with my own experience with it.

Unfortunately, your vast wisdom is not shared by everyone else, so they need a third party to do the testing and inform them of those results so that an 'educated' purchasing decision can be made.

a name is not important , nor is any kind of award or show, grow up.

Sure it is. Billions of dollars are invested every year in branding. Why do you think that is Sherlock? People develop an opinion of a brand, and that company needs to ensure it is a positive one, as it is heavily used in buying decisions every day on most any product. Positive awards bolster branding and buying decisions.

if you need some one to tell you what to buy or need , then you should stick with a toy camera like the D40 or D3100 or Rebel T2I.

This makes no sense. Anyone who doesn't do their due diligence before making a large purchase like a DSLR deserves what they get. Not sure how due diligence is confined to the basic models of anything. On a separate note, I'm sure there are many 'pros' who can make a D40 shine like any 'Pro' camera on the market. Guess you lack that skill, or wouldn't be making such idiotic statements like 'toy' cameras and the like.

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