Photozone review: The 24/1.4 is excellent on DX!

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Ilkka Nissilä Veteran Member • Posts: 4,107
Re: why-on-earth-do-they-test-it-on-DX???

Leonard Shepherd wrote:

Lets not mess about - unless you want horrid big noses you cannot use 24mm for portraiture on FX

I'm not sure if you're serious about this comment, but 24mm can certainly be used for portraiture on FX with great results. Of course here we're talking about showing people in their environment (that's still portraiture). The 24/1.4 is a superb wedding lens on FX (I am sure it would be that on DX too).

Apart from the D3x, DX 12 MP equals, occasionally beats, and definitely beats FX 12 MP with the D7000 for resolution, sharpness, colour saturation and dynamic range to 800 ISO in a 20 inch wide print

You've got to be kidding about the colour saturation and dynamic range; those are definitely better with FX than DX, and you don't need a big print or high ISO to see the difference. You can't hide the fact that the fewer photons captured by a small sensor lead to reduction in image fidelity; no amount of post-processing tricks will hide it unless you simply throw away information (like commercial labs do when making prints).

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