60d vs d7000 samples - surprising

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60d vs d7000 samples - surprising

I am surprised by the dpreview samples. I thought the d7000 would do a lot better, considering the hype it has had recently.

According to the samples, It is obvious that the d7000 indeed is the camera with the lowest noise, (the blue channel for example is amazingly clean) but I am surprised at the lack of detail in the d7000 crops compared to 60d.

RAW at iso 400, NR off:

Obviously the 60d has a bit more noise here in the RAW readout, (especially compare the blue channel- the d7000 is fantastic) but that's a non issue since it cleans up totally in RAW conversion- and there is more detail left.

JPEG, iso 400, no noise reduction:

The 60d actually looks to have less noise here (compare the red channel crops on a calibrated monitor) and the difference in contrast and detail of the closeup of the coin is surprising. The d7000 crop looks mushy and has nowhere near the detail of the 60d crop. And that's not due to difference in sharpening - the contrast isn't there.

RAW, iso 6400- no NR:

The d7000 sensor outperforms the 60d in regard to noise here, but still the same story with the detail.

JPEGS at iso 6400, default noise reduction: the differece in noise is reduced to a large extent.

The bottom line seems to be that the d7000 indeed has the lowest noise crop sensor today - but that it seems to come with a price. It clearly has inferior detail retention, even in base RAW readout. For JPG shooters, the difference in image quality is so small that you should really consider other factors when choosing a camera. This is absurd pixel peeping, one has to remember. But for those who needs to pick up as much detail as possible, the canon sensor - to my surprise - seems the clear choice.

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