Don't stop the 4/3 Olympus, please

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Re: olympus made strategic mistakes

Rriley wrote:

bobn2 wrote:

I'm not sure - it's exactly what Nikon does. You have to remember that Panasonic image sensors and Lumix cameras are made by different companies, Panasonic Semiconductor and Panasonic AVC Networks. OK, both are owned by Panasonic (as is Sanyo, the company that makes Olympus camera bodies according to Joe Wisniewski).

if he said that then hes not entirely wrong, but hes not right

Sanyo made the E1 almost entirely, you can see Panasonic parts on the circuit boards.

you are right I forgot that.

Sanyo were the contractor for the Olympus P&S cameras, just as they are the contractor for Nikon P&S. Quite recently when Sanyo got into trouble, Panasonic bailed Sanyo out and bought the company for which Panasonic and the predecessor Matsushita have had a working relationship with for many years.

this is also correct.

the SLRs are not made by Sanyo

I think so too.

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