About this 60D isn't a semi-pro cam BS...

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Re: About this 60D isn't a semi-pro cam BS...

Thanks. It's great to read sensible comments from someone with experience in the real world and can compare the 60D with other Canon DSLRs.

I think mine is great, I'm not a pro or semi-pro but have had a fair bit of experience with SLR film and then Super Zoom cameras. The 60D was my chosen entry point to DSLR, but I would not term it entry-level as some have. It has way more features than most of what I would call entry-level DSLRs.

Some of the features are gimmicky (and might attract some people new to DSLR), but so what - just don't use them.

Osiris30 wrote:

Sidekicker wrote:

I have had several opportunities to handle the 60D in the last couple days, and am quite impressed by it. The just released review results only re-enforce my feeling.

Although I have no plans to upgrade from my current 50D, I can see no reason for people buy the old model. The 60D is the camera to buy between the two.

As for "prosumer" and "semi-pro" tags, both are just marketing gimmicks. One can make money with a lot less camera than those so labeled. Therefore, I see no reason for you to get so upset, unless you bought into the marketing. You don't need to justify your decision to buy and use a 60D to anyone.

Honestly Sidekicker, the only thing 'upsetting' me is the attitude of some folks on this forum towards the 60D. I don't overly care how it's marketed but I am really cheesed that folks buy into and there are no less than 5 'put the 60D in the Rebel forum' threads. That is the 'BS' I'm referring to.

In the last week those of us on the forum have had to endure countless discussions of DxO (often having to explain the same things over and over again) and now a barrage of what forum does the 60D belong in... I gotta ask does anyone shoot anymore.

As for the cameras you can make money with, I've made a very tidy sum of money off a Rebel. If I needed more I rented it, but with the right lenses, the right lighting and the right skill anything in the last 5 years can be semi-pro.


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