Any users of older Ricoh digicams?

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Re: Oh, and the full press focus!!!

Schaki, sorry I just realized I hadn't replied to your question about the dust.

I think Ricoh may have had problems with the assembly of various cameras at times, my R8 had dust on the sensor straight out of the box.

I would even propose that the problems with the early GRD's and GX100's were more about the assembly practices at the factory. Foreign matter in the camera at assembly eventually making it's way to the sensor.

Anyway Ricoh service are always prompt here and I have the original 500G back again with cleaned sensor

Regarding your comments on the bulk of this camera, yes they are big but personally I find the large grip and casing give a feel of confidence that I don't have to worry about knocking the camera. And of course you can't get past the laws of physics with lens quality, I can live with the size for that nice lens. I'm actually enjoying using this camera more than my GX100 at present (crazy I know :-)) and as I mentioned before the full press focus is like nothing I've seen before!

Did you receive your other Ricoh? They look like quite a collectors item.


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