About this 60D isn't a semi-pro cam BS...

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Re: About this 60D isn't a semi-pro cam BS...

In one of the British photographic magazines there appeared a photo shoot by a certain lady, who's name I have lost. However, she shot some professional photos with a Canon 450D. I mean, they are really professional. As she likes traveling light, as she describes it, that was her reason for using the 450D.

All of her lenses were prime lenses and I tell you, you could not beat her photos.

Which brings me to the point of"not what camera you use, but how skilled are you in using your camera".

So if you know how to use the 60D to its potential, it will perform like a professional camera, no matter if it has a metal body, weighs at least 1 Kg, is weather sealed, can bounce off the concrete etc, etc.
I have both 7D and 60D and I can tell you, the 60D is excellent.

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