About this 60D isn't a semi-pro cam BS...

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Osiris30 Senior Member • Posts: 2,804
About this 60D isn't a semi-pro cam BS...

I happen to be making good money with mine.. so if it's not a semi-pro capable cam I'm not sure what it is. Mine has paid for itself already. People need to really get over this concept of pro/semi-pro/enthusiast/amateur camera stuff. Those of us that make (at least part of) a living off photography care about only a few things:

1) IQ
2a) How it feels in our hands
2b) Does it do what we need

The 60D is responsive enough, delivers good enough IQ and I'll be damned if that flip out LCD ain't great in the studio.

Yes the 60D doesn't have a PC sync port, and that might be a bit of a PITA for some, but the sync port is a goner as soon as you see the next batch of cams that will all have RF wireless controllers in them. Yes it doesn't have MFA, but neither did the 40D everyone seems to be so in love with. In fact the 50D is the only xxD to have had it. Yes it doesn't have a metal body, but tons of top end cams from yesteryear were much crappier plastic or plastic like builds.

So I'm just curious, why the hell isn't the 60D a semi-pro cam? It ticks almost every box the previous 'semi-pro' xxDs did. I see a lot of people who I think are just frankly upset that their camera has been replaced by a newer model complaining about the cam, so someone tell me, what exactly makes the 60D so different? As a second part to that question have you actually used one, or are you making your judgement based on the spec sheet.

Sorry but the single strongest (and only real IMHO) argument is the lack of a pc sync port and there are ways around that.


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