Is a ZS7 right for me?

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mackitten Regular Member • Posts: 132
Is a ZS7 right for me?

Hello !

This is my first post so please be gentle. I love taking pictures but don't know all the proper terminology for everything.

I am looking to replace my P&S Canon PowerShot SD1000. Its a great pocketable camera but just not loving any photos it takes.

I mostly use my point and shoot when I shoot videos of my two cats, to carry in my bag (everyday just in case you never know), going to family dinners, holidays, the cats birthdays and hockey games. A lot of indoor shooting, the flash is always going off and making things and people look awful. ( I have a DSLR I use when home and have time or special events)

85% of the photos I take are for online viewing and sharing with family and friends.

I got it stuck in my mind that I want the Lumix ZS7. I have heard good things and like the the 25mm wide angle.

I don't care one way or the other about the GPS and am not printing anything over 8x10. I like a camera that is a size you can put in a jacket pocket or bag but still big enough to hold on to.

The one item that makes me wonder is that a read a few things that its low light shooting isnt that great and with taking so much indoor shots that may be an issue (although if its not great but a ton better than what I have now....)

I have seen it for around $250 or so and that seems about right for what I want to spend.

Sorry for the ramble and experience and opinions or suggestions welcome!


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