60D - my best Canon yet...

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60D - my best Canon yet...

I bought my 60D last Sunday..after reading all the debates here about "is it less of a camera than a D series; plastic body, etc etc etc.", and before today's DPR in depth.

myself am more than an "enthusiast", less than a pro, so, I'd say "semi-pro" as if it mattered. All I care about are 1)IQ 2) Handling(for me, not anyone else 3)weight(anything heavier than the 50D would be a challenge for me.) Currently own 40D and Rebel xsi 450

So here's my take:

on IQ, i have to do more shooting, but the review here sees no noise problem or any other problem, neither do I.


1) I don't miss the "joy stick". never used it on 40D. when I change focus points I use the top dial

2. Screen- these is light years over my other equipment. The resolution and brightness makes it much easier to evaluate images in the field. The articulation will help me a lot as I shoot landscapes often and need to hold camera or mount it over my head. Now I don't have to guess what's in the frame

3. The button layout. much much better than the 40D. I never liked the dual use top buttons. A single ISO button w/a little bump means I can set it w/o taking eye away from viewfinder. I wish they kept the WB button on top as I change it often, but I program the "set" button for WB

4. M-Raw....I found S-raw on my 10mp 40D useless. I think I will use M-raw at times on the 18mp, which will yield 10mp files.

5.Video....I don't expect to use it often. But it seemed very intuitve, and yes, you can shoot a still frame image while in video mode. that's important.

6. Menus...again, I haven't used 7d or 550, so a big leap in ease of use w/the Q button.

7/ SD cards....I have both CF and SD. I like SD more because they fit right into my laptop.

8. Body composition...don't care. this camera seems much more solid than my Rebel, and doesnt seem less solid than the previous xxD's.

9. Lock button on the mode dial(left top). Love it. I messed up more than one shot on my 40D by accidentally switching to manual mode. Usually I stick to one mode (A) outside or "M" w/flash

So as much as I'd like to find something to complain about, I can't. I think Phil's review here pretty much sums up what the camera is like, but he seems hung up on calling this a "Super Rebel" enthusiast camera......I get that they repositioned it. But to me it's more than what I had w/the 40D and will improve my experience, whether I'm taking "professional" shots for selling, or "enthusiast" shots for fun



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