EP2 or EPL1, EPL1 or EP2? Argh!

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EP2 or EPL1, EPL1 or EP2? Argh!

For a while I have been sitting on a fence when it comes to m43. Now I am ready to buy one and have a hard time deciding which one, EPL1 or EP2.

One I buy will be serving me as tool I will take when I want something at convenience/IQ spot between my S90 on one side of spectrum and my D700 on other side of it. In other words, when I want more power than compact provides but would find D700+lens too inconvenient and/or attracting too much attention.

Shooting will be covering many varied areas, and good part of it will be people oriented, both outdoors and indoors, not just "street".

Which brings me to my dilema(s):

1. I would prefer something that would not to disturb atmosphere around me. EPL1 might be better fit for that. At same time I would like to use fast lenses like ones from CV. When you take a look at them they are not really "low profile" (for example take a look at size of CV 25/0.95: http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/readflat.asp?forum=1041&thread=36867695&page=1 ).

Which makes me wonder if I will be using lenses that stabd out should I care does body stand out, and which body would be better fit ergonomics wise with such lenses?

2. I had very very briefly both EPL1 and EP2 in hand and EP2 seemed to have better ergonomics in my hand. How do you find ergonomics of one vs other in your hands? Which one you feel is better fit to balance lenses I have in mind?

3.Image quality, especially at high ISO: EP1 seems to have an edge there, am I correct?

4. IS: Image Stabilization will be of great value to me. How much better is IS in EP2? If I go with EPL1 will I notice difference due to "not as good" IS?

5. Auto focus: Is there a noticable difference in AF speed and accuracy between two, especially in low light?

6. Manual focus: Is there anything in them that would make manual focusing with one easier and quicker than with other, especially in scenarios I will use them in?

7. Dials/buttons: How detrimental you find lack of them on EPL1 in "street" photography?

So EPL1 or EP2, EP2 or EPL1 for me? Input will be appreciated.

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