D7K: I'm scared with so many complains...

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Re: If you go back and look at other camera releases

Hi Greg: Nikon tends to use pretty steep tone curves for their jpegs in-camera. Is this still the case for D7000, given the oustanding measured RAW DR? For example, even though D3X's RAw DR is higher than A900's, tone curve for latter seems to have softer ends on both sides, from DPR DR tests:


Shadow range Highlight range Usable range
Nikon D3X (ISO 100) -4.7 EV 3.7 EV 8.4 EV
Sony DSLR-A900 (ISO 200) -5.1 EV 4.2 EV 9.4 EV
Nikon D3 (ISO 200) -4.7 EV 3.9 EV 8.6 EV

Greg Gebhardt wrote:

all of these complaints and more are very common. If you wish wait a while and you will begin to see some really great images form this camera.

I have only had mine a few days and after some quick tests, I am VERY impressed and I am a D3X user for a year now. The D7000 is just fine !
Greg Gebhardt in
Jacksonville, Florida

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Good shooting and good luck
(after Ed Murrow)

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