D7K: I'm scared with so many complains...

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Re: D7K: I'm scared with so many complains...

Okay..How would you rate the sharpness at pixel level, or when you zoom to 100%? I've seeing some samples od the D7000 that looked good at 4-6 MP but rather sucks when I see it at 100% at 16MP. its like fine mush instead of fine detail. I never, ever want that. Thanks in advance..

Kuvasauna wrote:

I have used D7000 for a few days now. It is amazingly good camera for the price. Beats D300 in almost everything. I've got nothing to complain.

Zoso777 wrote:

Hi there,

I'm considering to get a D7000, but with so many complains concerning AF, Hot Pixels and so, WOULD you buy it right now? I would love to see opinions from owners or not. Take in count that it's very difficult to me taking it back for a store or even to Nikon if I need service because It will be brought from another country and Nikon service here is terrible as long as i know.

Thanking in advance,

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