D7K: I'm scared with so many complains...

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Re: D7K: I'm scared with so many complains...

The DPR complaints have been in video whereas the sensor displays no spots(not hot pixels else they would appear without regard to mode) in still mode that is even higher resolution. What likely has happened in those first camera is the video and still pixel mapping lookup table writes are not the same and either there was a problem in the service alignment software or the recording. A service center should be able to map those out. ALL DSLRs have pixels which are mapped out, often not pixels themselves but memory locations that might be at fault. The remapping handles both.

Overall there seems to be many more complaints from DPR members than other forums, possibly because it caters to a different sort of camera owner, gear heads who switch systems on whim and often never learn to fully utilize their old system to its best advantage. The same complaints of soft images and problems with the D90 appeared here on DPR yet history has proven that most of that was lack of understanding of the systems, and the D90 is lauded at one of the most reliable fully fleshed out digital cameras ever released. Millions of users are quite happy but you would not get that impression from reading DPR in the weeks after it was released. The same people are complaining now of soft images or AF problems etc with the D7000. Maybe it is just too much camera for them.

To the OP: read other forums such as Nikonians.org to get a more informed view from people who really know Nikon.

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