D7K: I'm scared with so many complains...

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Re: D7K: I'm scared with so many complains...

Peter v.d Werf wrote:

Absolutic wrote:

However, D5000 in truth is a fine camera. and D7000 is a superb camera. The complaints are nitpicking.

The D7000 is indeed a suberb camera, still image-wise that is. If you would actually read my experience above in which I try to explain that (with my specific D7000) this issue occurs in a completely normal video recording situation. No reason to not take my explanation seriously by calling it nitpicking.

In fact I just did a check-check-triple-reality-check by showing 3 (techy:)) colleagues my camera with liveview enabled and asking them if I was indeed bitching with no reason. All three directly confirmed my doubts and would not accept this in the video mode in this class of camera.

Serial of my D7000 starts with 60114xx, seems a completely different batch.

I've shot several videos with D7000 while on vacation last month, both outside and inside, and don't recall seing hot pixels, but then I don't specifically recall looking for them either. To tell the truth, the video is still a novelty feature on a DSLR for me, I would estimate my video use as 1-2% of the overall time.

My D7000 was purchased on Oct 14, and was one of the first ones that was purchased in the USA, if not the first one purchased. My serial is 30031XX. Next time I decide to use it for video, I am sure to check to look for it.

All I know is that my $200 Panasonic ZS3 point-and-shoot does amazing 720p videos that when my friends come to visit and see the videos on my 55inch LCD, their jaws drop. So to tell the truth, the video on D7000 is just a bonus novelty feature for me. I am interested in still photographs.

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