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Re: Wonderful! And some suggestions.

Hey, thanks, I do pull out the 14-54 when I need a bit wider range, but I really have no idea what I'm doing in the 14-20mm range. I usually use those ranges in close on the subject, and I never really feel comfortable or confident, and the pictures usually reflect that. Down to about 24mm I'm good, but even then, I start noticing a little distortion and such, and that puts me off of using it.

Yes it's quite a struggle with distortion and perspective. Although it's nice if it's done well. I try do some on my travel, though I mostly shoot landscapes.

I've contemplated getting a 9-18 to really get some distorted figures and limbs, etc., but that'll have to wait until finances give me a green light.

I have one. You'll love it. It's nice for landscapes, interior and yes, the intentional distortion.

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