Best bokeh for crop 1.6? For FF?

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Re: Best bokeh for crop 1.6? For FF?

tkbslc wrote:

It seems like these "best bokeh" threads always morph into "most blur" threads. Of course every lens has smooth bokeh if you blur the background into a solid color. I would argue once you have reached a certain point of bg blur, the bokeh of the lens is not longer a factor as any specific renderings have also been blurred out.

That is actually true even it may go against people’s instinct. More blur and better bokeh are two different matters. For example there is no bokeh to speak of when you shoot a long lens very close. Everything in the background is blurred out even the worst lens will look the same. You might as well just paint the background in photoshop if you want it that way.

Here is another example of 85L on 20D. I think that is what a good bokeh is all about.

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