Panasonic = Olympus biggest mistake?

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Re: Thanks for all the replies.

Olympus' main problem is not the sensor, panasonic, or any of those things.

Olympus' main problem is what it always was: a problem of marketing.

Most dslr users never go beyond the entry level with kit lenses. If they do, they just get an upgraded all around zoom. For those folks, an e-xxx with either the 2 lens kit or the 14-54 and 70-300 is better, cheaper, lighter, and more convenient than what any other system out there can do.

The e-520, for example, has a sensor that scored very close to the canon eos 450d, so the problem there wasn't the sensor.

The problem was that there wasn't anyone authoritative, both in store or in the internet, saying that. Something like "you will cover a larger focal range, with better glass, and a lighter kit for less money if you choose olympus."

They are marketing the PENs better, but the dslr marketing was a disaster. When I bought my new e-510, it was 450 for a 2 lens kit at best buy. The 450d was over $600 with one lens. Most people would have chosen the olympus, but no one knew about it, and to buy mine I had to request they get one from storage because they didn't even have one on display.

Better marketing would have led to a bigger marketshare, and therefore more potential sensor partners.

As it is, I jumped ship to the d7000 because the e-xxx and e-xx line are dying a slow death not because of lack of quality, but because of a lack of a coherent marketing effort.

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