Am I excessively buying lenses?

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Re: Am I excessively buying lenses?

great. thanks.

canon person wrote:

forcefed wrote:

Thanks for the feedback - my site is a mix of stuff - over the years - 30D/40D/50D and now I have a 1D4 and more recently a 5DII. (That's where the 1.3 comes into it)

There may be a couple of images there from compact cameras, G7, Leica DL4, S95 so actually probably there are more crop pics there than there are FF - but i guess it goes to show that FF is not always the way

Thanks folks for these replied - apart from the chap who thinks I need professional therapy, I'd love to see his images


JerryCanon10D wrote:

Looking at your (excellent) gallery, I'd say you'd use it a lot. But would the extra light be worth the reduced flexibility (cf 70-200)?

Why do you have a 1.3x? Your gallery/style screams out FF!

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If you take the time to analyze your original question "Am I excessively buying lenses?" , you will be convinced that my original reply was responsive and NEVER meant to be disrespectful in nature. I tried my best to share with you the idea that personal needs and personal choices are EXACTLY THAT....PERSONAL......and no one else can make your mind up for you. I am sorry that you don't accept a sincere and well-intended suggestion. The fact that you are still carrying on about me in your latest post speaks volumes!!!! However, in response to your question about my photographic abilities, I have been a professional photographer for more than fifty years.

I have had my portfolios published in many, many books and magazines, and have my own hard covered books published when I was on location for Bermuda, and am well recognized for my work product for a half-century. I wish you the same good fortune.


Canon Person

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