Is 7D better at ISO 1600 and 3200 than 20D?

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Re: This doesn't look like a like for like comparison

OK, I see what you're doing, though I still don't really see the point. In fact, I do see a little less pixel-level noise with the 7D. More importantly, the noise characteristics are different. The 7D takes NR better than the 20D, just as the 50D takes it better than the 20D. So, even at the pixel level, with appropriate NR, which you're going to use for high ISO shots, the 7D does better. Factor in the noise reduction at the image level from the increased density, and you have a quite impressive leap forward. This is compared with a camera that is no slouch itself at high ISO (the 20D).

That you don't print is irrelevant, by the way. That's why I specified "print or display". Presumably you look at your images some way or other. There's no reason why you would look at them at a larger display size, just because they are from the 60D rather than the 20D.
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