POLL: Lens Character > Lens Sharpness, Vignetting etc.

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Re: POLL: Lens Character > Lens Sharpness, Vignetting etc.

How far do reviewers go?

Many cannot grasp the fairly simple to comprehend information in an MTF chart. As a result many reviewers keep comments basic.

If you cannot easily get a good 20 inch wide print from 12 MP from any Nikon lens used sensibly reading MTF charts, reviews etc is not going to help - because your basic photographic skills are poor and need improving

I agree MTF is useful, but how often to we see a rendition of a Macbeth colour chart in a review - and if we do how do we analise it viewing on a typical sRGB monitor or CMYK magazine print which cannot reproduce all colours, particularly greens shades, which we can see".

Having just acquired the 16-35 I find, all lenses at f4 17mm , it has less vignetting than my 17-35, which in turn has less vignetting than my 14-24.

The 17-35 (at 8 feet focus distance) has least distortion, the 14-24 is a long way from good, and the 16-35 is worse.

Actual pictures of straight line geometric targets would help more than reporting distortion as x%.
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