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Re: LX3: What's the Maximum Synch Speed?

TomBrooklyn wrote:

PR_Photog wrote:

I can sync up to 1/1000 without darkening. 1/1300 is darker, 1/2000 is too dark. On the other hand if you use a hotshoe flash as a trigger for optical slaves you can sync up to 1/2000 no problem.

Is the maximum flash synch speed theoretically unlimited for the LX3? (Apparently, it varies with the trigger mechanism.) And for that matter, what's the maximum synch speed on any electronic shutter compact, like the Cannon G series, etc. ?

I have used my LX3 and an Olympus FL-50 and also Nikon SB-30 and have ranged the sync speed from 1 second to 1/2,000 second with no problems. That's at fairly close range, if a distant subject and the flash is attempting maximum output then there may be some problems at higher shutter speeds.

The flash is the problem, some of the bigger studio type flashes are slow to build to maximum output and have a long flash period so they may not sync well at maximum shutter speeds. But a small flash at close range is in the order of maybe 1/5,000 second or even shorter output burst.

Other compacts = no idea. But I would expect much the same sort of behaviour as the LX3.

Of course DSLRs, M4/3 etc with their focal plane shutters are limited in maximum shutter speeds to around 1/160 to 1/250 depending on brand and model.

Regards............ Guy

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