Thom's 2011 predictions are out and D400 is...

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Re: Thom's 2011 predictions are out and D400 is...

Simon Garrett wrote:

Tony Beach wrote:

If Nikon wants to push the price of the "D400" up past $2000 then an integrated grip becomes a selling point,

I don't think so.

...especially for pros using a D4 who want a DX companion that shares identical UI with it.

I think the selling point of a DX companion is size and weight.

For some yes, but then why not the D7000? For others the selling point is pixel density and the viewfinder.

Some people already find D300 as big as they can put up with and don't want to go bigger.

Nikon has to ask themselves how many who say an integrated grip is too big would simply be satisfied with the smaller D7000?

The D7000 is a very different camera to the D300.

Sticking to size here, the D300 is bigger than the D7000. Bigger allows more room for external controls; but you can take that further by going even bigger than the D300, and the D3s and D3x do just that.

Many D700 users want an FX version of the D7000,

I question the "many", personally.

Well, I read it all the time. Maybe it's just a few squeaky wheels. Maybe those that ask for it all run out and buy it and convince others to do so as well, or maybe it's just all talk. Anyway, I would jump through a few hoops to get a 32 MP FX sensor in a D7000 body. maybe the intermediate sized cameras like the D300s and D700 become the niche cameras that can't sustain enough market share to justify their existence in Nikon's line-up.

The D300(s) is a very strong seller. I really don't think you're right.

The D90 has been a much stronger seller than the D300/D300s, and the D7000 will undoubtedly be stronger too. A lot of people make that choice because of the size rather than the price.

DX and FX each have advantages and disadvantages. But I think size and weight (of the camera and lens together) are very strong advantages of DX. I could be wrong (often am) but I doubt the demand in the "serious" amateur and pro markets is for a big heavy DX camera. I shall be surprised if the replacements for either the D300 or the D700 have integrated grip.

It's all just speculation, and as Thom wrote, intended "to be provocative; to generate discussions about the health of the companies whose products we use and how they might best serve us in the future."

Of course, if Nikon can reshape the camera to include a grip without increase in size or weight, then great. And of course, it's still got to fit on a tripod, and take all existing accessories. But I'm not putting money on it.

I agree with you 100% here.

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