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agree completely, if there's a signficant price difference and you're talking about a lens, grey doesn't matter much. most of the time if you're going to have a problem, it'll be a bad lens at shipping time, so the first year matters most. when you start to get into VR kind of complexities, i'd want the nikon warranty. and i'd never buy a software-driven product grey market - you're pretty much stuck on your own then, and we all know how reliable software is...

JoeR wrote:

PaP wrote:

I'm looking to purchase a Nikon lens or two from B&H Photo where
I've had good luck before. My question is is there any real
difference between the USA model and the import model other than
the method they arrived in the USA

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If you need the comfort level pay the extra money and get the

There is no difference in the lens. You usually get to buy an
extended warranty on the import. Yes, you will get it repaired if
it fails under warranty. You just can't send it back to Nikon. B&H
is 100% reliable.

Does anyone one really think that Nikon has secret technology. Wow!
Sigma, Tamron and all the others must be selling snake oil in a
Nikon mount.

I'll buy the import any time there is a significant price
difference. In thirty years, I have have no problems. Maybe I'm
just lucky. NOT!


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