Had a play with the 8-15mm fisheye

Started Nov 4, 2010 | Discussions thread
Joergen Geerds Senior Member • Posts: 1,758
Re: 8-15mm fisheye samples

forcefed wrote:

Gotta be honest - it was at a Canon Pro show - and I was using their demo cameras and their demo lens - and didnt think to take a CF card with me to store some images on - but they would have been pretty uninspiring - the shots of the canon stall and some over keen students and old photographers with BO wandering around trying to make their 5D's look like the Starship enterprise with video rigs attached. Bloody numptys.

I was able to put my CF card into the body, but had no time to mess with much of the settings, just some quick shots before Canon security showed up:

The lens has great potential, I see it most useful for VR photographers.

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