Any PRO photographers here using pentax to make money?

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Any PRO photographers here using pentax to make money?

Hello everyone.

I've been nikon shooter for last couple years. I had to sell my D300 few months ago to help pay for wifes surgery. I still have D40 and about 4 lenses ( best being 50 1.4 and tokina 11-16 2.8) and a flash.

I'm in situation where i just relocated across country and at this moment I'm pretty broke, so I may have to sell remaining nikon stuff to pay bills this month.

The good thing is that I suppose to get some settlement money (few k roughly) ,hopefully sooner then later. So there is hope ( I hope...)

I love the look of the K5 , It seems that it is so comfortable and weather sealing seems to be the best in business. Also like the in body IS. I like 50-135 and limited series primes.

Main question is , how is the flash system ? It mainly goes to ones who shot with canon and especially nikon before (nikon has the best flash system)

My main concern overall is , out of all the photos that I saw here or on flickr, they seem more like snapshots to good photographs from enthusiasts and weekend shooters rather then wow you full blown pro photos. is this because so many more pros are using nikon and canon that pentax users will get lost in the crowd as a minority?

So I was wondering in anyone actually makes money with their K7 or new K5 and what do you like compared to nikon or canon ( or DON'T like for that matter)

IF I get some new equipment I'd love to shoot some portraits and weddings ,now that I moved to bigger city market seems to still be in need of decently priced and decently performing photographer.

WOULD PENTAX DO for weddings wihout compromises? or Should I stick to nikon D700 or D7000.
Sorry for long post and thanks for the opinions.

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