Any users of older Ricoh digicams?

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Re: RDC i700

will foreman wrote: my favourite old Ricoh still in use. Amazing 3.5" flip-up touch screen though LCD res is low by today´s standards. You can hold it up at arm's length to shoot over people's heads. Nice contrast in BW and you can draw (moustaches and glasses) on photos with the scriber...I've got two, one still brand spanking new still in its original box. Beats the RDC-7 and RDC-2 but the most difficult of all is the weird file format on the RDC-1 and let's face it, on cameras that old, IQ is crap! Looks nice on the shelf though...

On the shelf is about the only use for some of those really old ones. As for your RDCi700 beating the RDC-2, an etch-a-sketch could do that!

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