Does it make sense to own both 135mm f/2L and 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II?

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Thomas Kachadurian
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Re: Yes, but I would sell it if you don't use it

ffabrici wrote:

My approach is to sell lenses I don't use. You can keep a lens like the 135L that is a bit better than the 70-200LII in some instanses but less versatile, but in reality why keep it if it is not not really being used any longer?

I sold my 400L when I bought a 100-400L for exactly that reason.

I'm with you. If I don't use a lens for a long time, say an entire season, then I sell it. If in a few years a want another I'll buy one.

for a while I had a 70-200f2.8 IS, 135F2 and 70-200F4 non-IS. I found I rarely used the 2.8, so I sold it and the F4 and replaced both with a 70-200f4IS. I did use both the 135f2 and the 70-200f4IS for a long time. Then about a year ago I bought the new 100L Macro. When I found I hadn't used my 135f2 even once in 8 months I sold it. I went an entire wedding season and never missed it. A few months ago I also sold my 85f1.8 because the 100L just get all the work now for a prime in that range.

Similarly, I found that once I bought a 7D I didn't need my 100-400L. I always shot that on a 5D or 5DII, but the 70-200f4L on the 7D is almost as long and SOOOOOO much easier to tote around. I sold it too (I had a great 100-400).

There's just no point in keeping a lens you don't use anymore. Especially with Canon, because if you don't use it for a few years they may release a Mark II, making the one you saved less valuable. If I wanted to use a 70-200f2.8, the new one I would buy would be a Mark II.

I find that an arsenal of about 8 lenses is the maximum that will get used. When I do a count and find I have 10 or 11 I know it's time to figure out what has to go.


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