Panasonic = Olympus biggest mistake?

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Panasonic = Olympus biggest mistake?


In History, Olympus has always been innovative and has made excellent cameras: Pens, XA, OM, Mju…)

In the beginning of digital era, Olympus has chosen the path of innovation again: the 4/3 concept was really a great idea.

The 4/3 system has some of the finest cameras bodies and lenses today in the photographic industry, all made by Olympus : the E-1 is one of the best body ever-made, the 12-60 one of the best versatile zoom lens, the 50mm one of the sharpest prime, and the SHG lineup is composed of fantastic f/2 zooms.

But, Olympus have always had a problem with the only important part of the camera that they do not make by themselves: the sensor

I have the feeling that Olympus has lost the game when they took Panasonic as their main and only sensor provider.

Let’s face it, Panasonic is not a very good sensor maker. Their sensors have always been crippled by poor noise handling and narrow Dynamic Range.

Some people have invoked the law of physics to say that a small sensor will be always worse than a big sensor.

But today, two companies, Sony and Pentax, are about to prove that this is not always true: the Pentax K5 has a sensor that can nearly match the Full Frame Nikon D3:

Panasonic best sensor, the GH-1, is far behind.

So, I have the feeling that Olympus looses the game because of a bad choice of sensor provider. If they had made business with Sony or Fuji, the history of 4/3 would have been different, I guess. Sad.

What do you think?


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