Scary sexy Halloween Lighing for C&C needed

Started Nov 4, 2010 | Discussions thread
OP DigitalJeff Contributing Member • Posts: 609
Re: Scary sexy Halloween Lighing for C&C needed

Thank you for the input. I think the uplighting would not be to flattering on my model although it could make it a bit scarier.

I agree I could have used less light....especially on the background. The light on her face was almost snoot territory. It was in umbrella but with gobos on two sides of the flash. I found that with a snoot her body was almost black.

Thanks again.... any comments on any of the processing?


fretless wrote:

for scary i'd try to place the front light somewhere underneath and point it upwards - think torch & horror movies ...

i'd maybe also try to make the whole thing more darkish in general. you could light a smaller area of the background and do less on the face too. maybe use some snoots to direct the light? darkness is scary, isn't it?



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