E-30 Noise Reduction Setting - On or Off? Please help

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Re: E-30 Noise Reduction Setting - On or Off? Please help

Hi Sumit

Sumit Ghosal wrote:

Thanks a lot guys, I changed the setting as you suggested, but still not much improvement (actually 2 out of 3 settings were already set as you recomemded).

however, now I think I know, its a common issue, since I saw this comparison.


at 200ISO, 5D-II also showing lots of noise when cropped 100%. So, I guess its not that much of an issue.

Thank you all for such guidance.

That's what most of us are here for ...

Thanks for getting back to us, and glad that your fears are allayed somewhat.

I have images taken with my E-30 in near darkness at ISO 1250 where there is noise visible at 100% (very fine-grained, like the old Adox KB17 B&W film). It all but vanishes when printed without any further NR applied, and is in no way disturbing in the print anyway.

You will quickly learn at what level of noise you need to trot out NR s/w - but just because you can see a bit at 100% doesn't mean you are at that point!

There is an awful lot of BS talked about noise here at DPR, usually by people who almost certainly never take actual photographs, lol ... ;).

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Just another "carnivore", lol.

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