8 images from the last 24 hrs (M9)

Started Oct 31, 2010 | Discussions thread
Zvonimir Tosic
Zvonimir Tosic Senior Member • Posts: 2,563
A bit of criticism and the praise too ...

I quite don't like the treatment of photographs and approach to taking photographs of many Leica users here -- aperture is constantly open wide, for no good reason. It's open when needed, open when it's not. Ah!

Thus unlike Artichoke, I think the image of the girl with bands would be much better if her face was in focus too, or at least just faintly blurred (if a photographer cannot step down to f8 being afraid his -lux will explode). We could share her happiness; now we share only amazing capability of the Leica lens to blur OoF, making her little face ghost-like.

But despite that, I really loved your first and last image, because they whisper of a wider story.

Thank you.

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